Tesla BioHealing MedBed Sessions

FDA registered medical device, provides Life Force Energy which has been providing breakthroughs in health. Many people note improvements in their wellbeing even after only a one hour session with the Tesla MedBed device.

Simply by being in close proximity to the MedBed device,  you will be receiving large quantities of Life Force Energy that the cells of your body can use at will and as needed to begin recharging and repairing your system. Such as increased cellular repair, improved circulation naturally reducing inflammation and improving immune function and improved sleep.

What is Life Force Energy?

Life Force Energy is the healing energy for all life. Our cellular structures interact with Life Force Energy every day, but most people do not have the level of exposure to this naturally therapeutic energy in order to facilitate optimal cellular function. Tesla BioHealing integrated Nikola Tesla’s inventions for harnessing this healing energy and converged his discoveries with applications in medical science.

How does Life Force Energy Improve my Health?

Life Force Energy shows benefits at the molecular, subcellular, cellular, organ, and whole-body levels. Life Force Energy has been shown to recharge and jumpstart cellular self-repair, increase the energy potential of cells in the body, cleanse the blood and promote circulation, and improve immune function.  Also shown to improve mental clarity, act as a natural antidepressant, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, improve quality of sleep, and reduce inflammation throughout the body drastically reducing pain, among other health benefits.

All of the body’s systems need Life Force Energy as a driving force in order to promote optimal biological function.  Life Force Energy occurs naturally in the atmosphere and is already being utilized on a cellular level, unfortunately, the concentration is usually not strong enough to deliver a powerful therapeutic effect as may be required for your specific health condition. Tesla BioHealing products generate concentrated amounts of this energy which is used to further activate your body’s innate healing capacity.

Is there risk of over exposure?

No. This energy exists naturally in the environment and is constantly interacting with your body on a cellular level.  The device is simply creating a higher density of Life Force Energy in your environment so that your cellular structures can naturally uptake whatever is required to reach optimal function. You can think about entering the concentrated field of Life Force Energy generated of the device like traveling from a polluted city to an oxygen rich mountain range. Just because your body is now in an environment with all the oxygen needed to for optimal health, does not mean it will over-oxygenate.

How can the effects be measured?
Like most pharmaceutical products, the effects of Tesla BioHealing OTC Medical Devices are measured by the user’s safety and health improvements after product use. Over 10,000+ users have proven Tesla BioHealing products safe and very effective supporting the activation of cellular self-repair.
What are the early signs of effectiveness?

The early signs of the efficacy after using Tesla BioHealing products include but are not limited to: (1) more restful sleep; (2) vivid dreams (indicating enhanced brain activity); (3) increased energy; (4) increased libido; (5) improved bowel movement; (6) clear mind, (7) pain reduction, (8) normalized blood glucose; (9) normalized blood pressure, and more.

The length of time needed to see benefits varies depending upon the condition and the amount of Life Force Energy available to the user. Some people notice improvements in as little as 30 minutes while others may need several days to start experiencing positive effects. A client with severe COPD improved breathing only 5 minutes after using a Tesla BioHealer. For relieving pain from migraines or headaches, the effect can be very quick.  The more Life Force Energy, the shorter the length of time required for effectiveness to occur.  Age is also a factor as younger people tend to experience the benefits more quickly, while older adults need more time for their bodies to start showing health improvements. For most people, the early signs of efficacy can be experienced after only one to three days of using Tesla BioHealing products and significant health improvements typically start to take place within the first two months.

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