Are you seeking a better way to relieve pain, control anxiety, fight depression, or treat insomnia?

Do you struggle meeting your life goals, while the root cause of those struggles eludes you?  Are you looking to maintain optimal brain function?  Or just improve your golf, tennis or pickleball game?  Perhaps, you have tried traditional talk therapy, prescription medications, and various natural or holistic therapies and have found them inconsistent or lacking results.   Holistic Emotional Therapy offers the following proven researched therapies to help you obtain true health solutions and achieve your goals:  

Holistic Emotional Therapy – Science driven therapies delivering results

  • Eliminate depression
  • Heal relationships
  • Release past traumas
  • Ease grief & loss
  • Release anger
  • Experience pain relief: emotional & physical
  • Overcome addictions & substance abuse
  • Experience forgiveness of self & others
  • Conquer fears & phobias
  • Conquer anxiety
  • Conquer shame & humiliation
  • Heal hopelessness
  • Release guilt
  • Remove blocks to transform your life & business
  • Improve sleep
  • Conquer migraines
  • Improve your game
  • Improve memory & focus
  • Increase IQ
Therapies that are safe, effective, proven and drug-free – offering relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression and more. Live the life you were designed to live.

Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT)

EPT is an innovative holistic approach that combines energy, intuition and forgiveness to effect health and healing. The state of mind is a real, physical, electromagnetic, quantum and chemical flow that switches groups of genes on or off in both positive or negative directions based on choices and subsequent reactions. Scientists refer to this as Epigenetics. EPT involves balancing the brain’s and body’s electromagnetic energy aided in part by magnets. EPT integrates our body’s energy systems to assist in physical and emotional healing. Clients often echo the sentiment, “I just received more in my first session than I have in years of talk therapy”.

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