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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Energy work inconsistent with Christianity?

No, humans are God’s creation.  As you are reading this, the activity of your brain generates electromagnetic, electrochemical, and quantum action in your neurons.  The brain produces measurable magnetic fields, electrical impulses, and chemical effects.   Do not let mystic practices of healing prevent you from obtaining the health your body was designed by God to receive and that science supports. 

Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize winner for research on memory, stated concerning treating patients: “Social influences [are] biologically incorporated into the altered expression of specific genes in specific nerve cells of specific areas of the brain”.  In other words, science and Scripture are in harmony supporting that we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds. 

How do “Blockages” form?

Our five senses activate an emotional response to our life experiences almost immediately.  We do not always process “life” properly.  For example: we may be too young/immature to process properly; we were physically injured and that took precedence; we experienced sudden trauma (witnessing an accident); or were embarrassed during a hallway encounter or midway through a presentation.   Unfortunately, these life experiences (unprocessed emotions) remain active in our bodies and become blockages.  They are forgotten to us “today” but are alive, active and unfortunately destructive in our subconscious.     

Moreover, we can be our own worst enemy when we form, and then reinforce, blockages.   Reliving a toxic event over and over again strengthens that circuit in the brain.  It then becomes a main filter disrupting normal function and making it more debilitating – a blockage.  EPT reveals what the mind conceals. Your physical body is influenced by your mental thoughts, words, feelings, and emotions. All of this information is stored at a cellular level, beginning in utero to present time. Our bodies are equipped to deal with stress that surrounds us in our daily life and tends to store these emotions in our organs and muscles, which can lead to all sorts of unhealthy responses and even disease. 

Is Holistic Emotional Therapy an Evidence Based Practice?

Yes, at Holistic Emotional Therapy, we discuss the forms of treatment you have tried and the degree of success for each.  We will offer you the available research on what applies to your situation. We will discuss your preferences and values and work together to determine the best therapy for you to pursue. That is evidence-based practice.   (National Institutes of Health: “Evidence-based practice is the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values.”)

How many sessions are required?

That’s like asking, “How many times do I need to work out at the gym before I’ll be in shape?”  The answer depends upon how out of shape you are.  Similarly, how many sessions depend upon your goals, how many and what symptoms you suffer from.   Therefore, there is no way to know how many sessions will be needed to attain the goals our clients specify in advance.  The average is seven sessions but sometimes one or two will suffice.    

How long is an EPT session?

Typically, one hour.

How long is a CES session?

Twenty to sixty minutes.  This is determined by your body’s response, therefore we need to allow a full sixty minutes to train. 

Do you accept insurance?

No, Holistic Emotional Therapy is not affiliated with any insurance plans or networks.  Additionally, we are not Medicare or Medicaid providers.  Cash, checks and all credit cards are accepted.