Are you seeking a better way to relieve pain, control anxiety, fight depression, or treat insomnia? Do you struggle meeting your life goals, while the root cause of those struggles eludes you?  Are you looking to maintain optimal brain function?  Or just improve your golf, tennis or pickleball game?  Perhaps, you have tried traditional talk therapy, prescription medications, and various natural or holistic therapies and have found them inconsistent or lacking results.   Holistic Emotional Therapy offers the following proven researched therapies to help you obtain true health solutions and achieve your goals:  

Emotional Polarity Technique (EPT)

EPT is an innovative holistic approach that combines energy, intuition and forgiveness to effect health and healing.  The state of mind is a real, physical, electromagnetic, quantum and chemical flow that switches groups of genes on or off in both positive or negative directions based on choices and subsequent reactions. 

Alpha-Theta EEG Training

Also known as “Slow Wave Closed Eye Training,” Alpha-Theta Training uses sounds from a neurofeedback computer to guide the client into a relaxed “alpha-theta crossover” state.  This helps promote creativity and reduces stress, anxiety and tension.  It is often used for individuals to resolve deeper …

Heart Rate Variability “HRV”

Heart Math emWave Pro is a therapy program that collects pulse data through a sensor with software that translates the information from your heart rhythms into graphics displayed on the computer monitor allowing you to watch in real time how thoughts and emotions affect your heart rhythms.

Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE)

AVE is a technique that provides pulses of light and sound at specific frequencies in the brainwave range. AVE is capable of producing situational appropriate brainwave frequencies through the process of entrainment (the tendency of physiological processes to …

Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES)

CES is a non-invasive brain stimulation that applies a small pulsed electric current across a person’s head. This small electrical stimulus which is applied laterally across the cranium stimulates endorphins, serotonin, and norepinephrine neurotransmitter production.

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