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Because change shouldn’t take decades.
Traditional counseling models aren’t always as effective as we need them to be. Even with heartfelt support, we can remain stuck and frustrated. We need more than support.

We need change.

The body holds emotions like frequencies.  Splankna clears trauma emotions from the body with the combination of touch and thought.  Then it helps people identify the destructive lies and vows associated with traumas and eliminates them using forgiveness and prayer. 

Having insight does not produce change.  Talking with a therapist about what you already know you need to do is like preaching to the choir.  The conscious mind engaged in traditional therapy is already onboard.  

We want change.

The problem lies in the subconscious mind and most traditional therapeutic tools do not access or treat that level. Rather than trying to beat the subconscious mind into submission through the dutiful conscious mind, energy therapy goes through the body door to create change physiologically. The theory of change in Splankna is circuitry + intention.
  • What does Splankna [splawnk – nuh] mean?

    Splankna is New Testament Greek for “bowels” or “gut”. It was used figuratively in New Testament time the way we use the word “subconscious”. The Splankna protocol is designed to go directly to the subconscious root of issues.

  • What is Splankna?

    Developed in 1997, Splankna is a considered a mind-body-spirit approach based on the science of “quantum” physics. Splankna aims to bring together the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of an issue all at once. This whole person approach can facilitate change and is intended to relieve a wide range of emotional issues. Splankna draws from three established mind-body protocols while removing redundancy and adding prayer.

  • How can Splankna work?

    Splankna is designed to work using muscle testing, circuitry + intention, and forgiveness. Forgiveness is essential for health and well-being. Splankna combines body, soul and spirit with the intention to resolve the emotional distress. When all three elements of the person are working together, real change is possible. Our bodies can release the stored emotional frequencies like letting go of a helium balloon. When the stored emotions behind an issue are on the way out, Splankna can help the client break the destructive lies and vows that were adopted as well.

  • Circuitry + Intention?

    A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that when meridian points are stimulated in combination with specific intention, a number of beneficial, physical results can occur, such as the increased production of opioids, serotonin, and GABA, the regulation of cortisol, pain reduction, slowed heart rate, decreased anxiousness, shut off of the fight or flight response, and an increase of sense of calm.

    These benefits are not found when stimulation of the acupuncture points is applied generically, or without focused intention. Circuitry without intention does not seem to have the same effect.

    What we observe is that when you combine the energetics circuitry + intention, the strong emotion that the body is holding onto from some previous distressing event seems to resolve, like deleting a file.  The memory of the event does not change, but the strong emotional charge attached to the memory seems to be cleared out. Something happens in the body through this combination of circuitry + intention that seems to uncouple the emotions from the distressing event.

  • Is this “energy” work?

    Yes, Splankna is a form of energy work. The word “energy” is a physics term for the unknown cause of sub-atomic motion.  The study of the energetic level of creation is called sub-atomic or quantum physics. If creation contains this theoretical, energetic level, then God made it for His own good purposes. This theoretical energy/frequency level explores how thoughts have substance and impact like frequencies. It is important to remember that, while God sustains all things, even at the energetic level, he could never be defined as “energy” any more than He could be called “the force.” He organizes, animates, and sustains all things down to the smallest level, but He also remains distinct from His creation.

  • What makes Splankna a Christian technique?

    Splankna leans into the lead of the Holy Spirit, inviting God to search through all the stored emotional content of a person’s history, and takes them to the root of their symptom. We may not always know the original causes of our emotional struggles, but God does and He is willing and able to heal. Splankna is an unusually direct way to partner with God in real time and experience him working in your heart.

  • Is this New Age?

    New age philosophy is grounded on the idea that “all is one,” and that human beings have all potential within themselves to make them “divine.”   Splankna completely rejects these ideas, because they are unbiblical.  The concept that “all is one,” rather than just interconnected, attempts to remove the personhood, the hierarchy and sovereignty of God, but instead Splankna acknowledges all three. Human beings are dependent creatures under God‘s sovereignty. Splankna work depends entirely on God’s wisdom, power, and will rather than on human potential.

  • What is muscle testing?

    Muscle testing is based on the theory that any major muscle in the body will respond to energetic shifts.  Quantum physics shows us that at the sub-atomic level of creation, thought and emotion seem to have some kind of substance, like a frequency or signature resonance.  When I ask you a question, the frequency of my meaning passes between us, and it hits your body as a “match” or “mismatch.”  When your body responds with congruence to an idea, it shifts your energy system and that shift shows up in the muscle. Because the body naturally responds to ideas in this way, a muscle test can be used as a crude yes/no tool. There are several things that can cause a muscle to react and truth is just one of them, so you always have to take a muscle test with a grain of salt.

  • What kind of results can Splankna produce?

    The theoretical basis of Splankna is that it is designed to get straight to the root cause of emotions and destructive emotional reactions and unlock them at the frequency level. The conscious mind doesn’t choose symptoms, something deeper does.  In Romans 7, Paul describes how “the very thing I want to do, I don’t do. And the very thing I don’t want to do, is the thing I do.”  His language for these two opposing seats of the will is the “spirit man” and the “flesh.”  Splankna is intended as a way to bring the body and soul into agreement with what the Spirit man is choosing… life. Life and all its forms… strength, joy freedom. Through Splankna work, God can release people from all sorts of emotional, and physical issues when they are emotionally rooted.

  • Who developed Splankna?

    Sarah Thiessen, a licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed professional counselor. She has degrees from Abilene Christian University and began developing Splankna in 1997.

  • How long is a Splankna Session?

    Typically 60-90  minutes.