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Please refer to the Disclaimer regarding the use of testimonials. While it isn’t possible to guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual may experience using Leanne O’Neil’s services, her clients report having positive experiences. Here is what some individuals have to say:

Peak Performance


In my profession, I need to show up to the golf course “with game”.  Through the Peak Performance training program with Leanne, I realized immediate improvements.  I admit my initial skepticism.   My personal at-home support device travels in my golf bag – it is an essential part of my warm-up routine.   The bonus is the unit has three different settings for sleep when a busy mind tries to rob it.       



A handful of years ago now, I had my first panic attack and it changed my life.  I went from being confident and energetic to being depressed and having a difficult time leaving my house.  When you lose trust in yourself, when your brain is stuck in panic mode, it is hard to describe how difficult it is to live like that.  The things I used to love, like hiking, camping, and socializing became too scary.  A panic disorder sends your life in to chaos, and you can’t trust yourself from moment to moment.  Should I go to the store?  What if I have a panic attack?  Should I head out and do something with friends?  What if they notice I’m panicking?  Should I get out for a hike or exercise?  It’s too hard to do that because the out of breath feeling mimics a panic attack and tricks my brain in to thinking I’m dying.  Everything you do is colored with the fear of another panic attack.  Everything.  

When I came to you (Leanne) for neurofeedback I felt I was on the edge of losing my sanity.  Every single day I struggled to get up in the morning and make it through my routine without sinking in to panic and despair.  I was constantly fighting off panic and trying everything I could think of to get my brain to slow down and my body to relax.  Yoga and talk therapy helped to some degree.  But I just couldn’t seem to stop the relentless fear of my phobias and of the ever-present terror of having another panic attack.  

When we got started with the neurofeedback I wanted so badly to feel better after the first therapy.  I wanted relief so badly, and it was hard to give the therapies time to work.  Even sitting through the therapies was terrifying to me at times but I hung in there anyway.  Eventually, by about the 6-8 mark, I began to realize during the day that I wasn’t spending so much time worrying.  Instead of being consumed with anxiety, I began spending more of my time engaging with my family and thinking about other productive things.  By the 14-15th treatment, I was definitely noticing improvement.  I was still having moments of worry and anxiety, but they would subside within minutes instead of consuming me for hours.  

Once I got about halfway through the alpha/theta slow wave therapies, I definitely felt a major shift in the way my brain was working.  Memories that I hadn’t thought about for years would appear during the sessions and my dreams at night became full of issues that I felt needed to be processed.  It was all a very surreal and profound experience, but it wasn’t traumatic and it was ultimately necessary to my recovery.  My anxiety continued to improve during this time as well, with the fear of panic attacks almost becoming obsolete.  When I would become anxious, it would pass within a few minutes, and my ability to relax myself continued to greatly improve as time went by.

I feel my neurofeedback therapies including the alpha/theta therapy has helped me to recover substantially from what was a very debilitating panic disorder.  My brain works differently, simple as that.  It wasn’t magic, and it didn’t happen overnight.  It was a gradual process of growing in to a far healthier way of functioning, and I have slowly returned to myself and to the things I love, and I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am.  I don’t know where I would be without having received neurofeedback.  I think more clearly, and my mind functions in a more calm, healthy manner.   I can go out with friends and not even think about having a panic attack, I can drive my car and go out for a long jog by myself without worrying about having a panic attack, which is so remarkable!  Getting back outside and doing things I love has given me my life back.  No longer do I feel I need to hide in my house.  When I have an anxious moment, I know I can relax myself and move forward, which is a far different story than the days when I would begin to feel panic and have to hide in my bed or take medication to calm me, which was a miserable way to live.  

I thank you again Leanne for everything you did for me, for being so kind and listening to me talk and for letting me cry.  I am so grateful I have been able to receive this therapy and I highly recommend it to anyone experiencing anxiety and depression, and I have to imagine it helps individuals with so many other situations as well.  

Adopted Child


Praise for Leanne!   I recommend Leanne to any parent who has a child that is difficult to manage. Our son, adopted at an older age, had a lot of anger issues and adjust difficulties. In just 10 weeks of having sessions, his anger has changed from blind uncontrollable rages that could last for over an hour, to a more typical anger pattern for a 12 year old. He does not demonstrate the blind rages and he is able to control and modulate his behavior when he is angry. There has also been an increase in reading comprehension. As a parent, I am particularly blessed by the fact that he no longer pushes me away when interacting with me, even during mundane daily tasks, but he now wants to talk and interact in a more age-appropriate manner. He will snuggle up to me when reading and does not mind being hugged throughout the day. Completing these sessions with Leanne has provided our son the ability to relax, focus and interact with others without being in a constant state of agitation.



Our family is so grateful for Leanne O’Neil. Our son came to our family through adoption at the age of 14 months. He lived his first months in an orphanage. By age 8, he struggled with attention and angry outbursts. He was very difficult and it was causing so much hurt and pain in our family. We were encouraged to check out neurofeedback & EPT, and we are so thankful we did! Our son was not only able to come off his medications, but he is having more success with school, better success at home, and we feel like we have our family back. Our son has an excellent rapport with Leanne and he looks forward to seeing her. We started this after unsuccessfully trying many other things. It has brought healing and hope to our son and to our family. We are so thankful.     

Debilitating Headaches


Neurofeedback sessions have made a world of difference.  My child had a dull constant headache even on the migraine preventative, and didn’t even realize it until it was eliminated through EEG biofeedback.  Thanks so much Leanne!  I think my child is much better prepared to handle the academic and social stress of senior year now!



After being in a car accident, I realized that I had developed debilitating worry.   I would not leave work if the street traffic looked too heavy, as a passenger I would startle often and when I was the driver I was constantly looking in the rearview mirror to see if I was going to get hit again.   After completing my sessions, I am now at peace! 



We followed the same path most of the other autism parents do with GFCF, DAN Dr., supplements, HBOT.  What really made a difference in our son’s attention span, executive processing skills, and anger management was neurofeedback and Leanne O’Neil.

Concussion/Headaches/Emotional Control


I left the Cleveland Clinic on three meds for severe headaches and with the direction to pursue HRV for anger control.  Leanne explained how HRV was only one piece of the puzzle needed.   Today, I am free from headaches and no longer struggle controlling my emotions. 



Headaches ruined my life!  I had to give up a scholarship, turn down vacations with girlfriends, and had given up hope of someday being a mom.   I left a world-renowned hospital after a three week stay where I was given IV cocktails… to alleviate headaches with no success.   I left with five prescriptions and no hope.  Today, I am both headache and medication free!   This did not happen overnight – it was a long process of countless sessions but I have my life back!   Trust Leanne! 



I almost lost my life.  My despair was insidious and the medications I took dulled me to zombie like.   I could not care for my young children and faced losing them and my husband.  My husband made the appointment for me with Leanne and dragged me there.  Somehow, she breathed hope into a hopeless situation.  Persevering through the sessions needed to heal was tough but worth it.   I’m not just alive but I am living – how do I say thank you?!   Words fail.