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Medication Analysis

One of the great benefits of an optimally working brain is that is does not need the support of medication.  Through our therapies, most clients find that their medications can be titrated to lower doses and often eliminated. 

As a courtesy to our clients and their prescribing physicians, Holistic Emotional Therapy offers a third-party medication analysis.  A specially trained pharmacist (experienced in our therapies) provides a report of how the prescription drugs currently being taken might be titrated down in conjunction with therapy.

The staff of Holistic Emotional Therapy are NOT medical doctors and DO NOT recommend any unilateral change(s) in prescribed medication(s).  The detailed report provided is solely informational to the client to assist a thorough conversation between the client and the prescribing physician.

Peak Performance Anti-Aging:

As we age, the ultimate silent disease is the sub-optimal functioning of the brain.  Cognitive health goes hand-in-hand with physical health.  Maintaining brain function is indispensable to good health.  Neurologically based conditions including insomnia, memory loss, chronic pain, migraines, PTSD, anxiety and more can be helped – even reversed – without medication or invasive action.    EEG biofeedback training is used to enhance learning and cognitive function in healthy clients.  Results show improved attention in college students and adults, and increased thinking speed and executive control in the elderly.